Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wine and Camping

This past few days, I and the fam went camping out on the coast and were lucky enough to find a spot to post up right on the beach. Besides all the wonderful memories created, this trip was especially nice because I discovered that I am perhaps pretentious enough to forgo the beer and drink wine while camping. While I didn't plan ahead, my darling spouse did and had brought our corkscrew. The combination of location and beverage choice were perfect, and I made a few mental notes...

1. Chardonnay pairs perfectly with s'mores.
    No, Lily was not drinking chardonnay. She just ate the most s'mores, ergo, the picture:)

This is especially true if you are on the third or fourth "glass." I put that in quotes because after the first being consumed from a not-so-well rinsed coffee cup, I decided that the notes of pear would taste better straight from the bottle (which I was sharing with my husband, so don't jump to any conclusions about intoxication levels, now) and I am roughly estimating at the quantity at which I decided to bust out the mallow-chocolate-graham mix. I opted for only eating one s'more anyway, as I discovered that fire, melting chocolate/marshmallows and alcohol consumption are not conducive to one's good health. Lily ate the most, and paired hers with an aged (sat in the sun on driftwood all day) red Gatorade.

2. While watching the sunset at an awesome beach campsite, you will end up with enough photos to show the time-lapse version to all.

I do say, sipping wine and watching the sunset makes one feel quite the bourgeois. This does not, however, make one feel like any kind of photographer. After each snapshot I took, I felt that I had not truly captured the essence of the awesomeness of the incredible view I was watching. I tried my best to will my phone's camera to become a professional Canon...This resulted in over 50 photos of a 15-20 min period of time and included one 5 second video of me mumbling something about "what the eff is wrong with th..." I did manage to turn my focus twice within that time to the moonrise behind me, though.

3. A cobble-stone mattress, though INCREDIBLY uncomfy and even painful at times, makes for a wonderful hangover prevention method.

The tent was not located on the sand. We had placed it above the high tide line (for obvious reasons) and that put us on stones large enough to be immovable and lumpy but small enough to be lumpy (yeah, I know). And I could not for the life of me locate the pump for our air mattress and sooooo....But in the end, as I stumbled happily into "bed" at the end of a wonderful day of sunburn and surf, this strange uncomfiness kept all the pain in my back and away from my head. Hooray!

So, cheers! I am officially trading my preference of beer-pong beer for a cheap bottle of wine during my camping excursions.

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