Monday, July 25, 2011

A Walk On a Sunny Weekend

It is a sunny summer afternoon when these pictures were taken...Instead of just a written synopsis of a walk I took with my daughter, I thought I would document it with photographs.

Yes, it is wonderful to find that one footpath in the local park that can fool you into thinking you maybe miles from civilization...that is, until you hear the whine of the float-plane headed to nearby Lake Washington for a landing.

This bracket fungi is everywhere in Hamlin Park, where we were walking, and after some VERY brief research HERE, I found out that this is actually an indication that the tree on which it grows is dead or dying. Now obviously, this picture is of a fallen log, ergo dead tree, but many of the standing trees had this fungus on them which will probably explain one of the upcoming pics...
Random red leaves:)

The good news is they're trying!

And we're headed back to civilization...

Someone in the neighborhood has some amazing Lillies, below also:

Lily enjoying the rare sunny day walk in North Seattle area...
view up the street:)

Ready for some street ball...
Now, this? I will have to find something to add and definitely return...
And Home Sweet Home...But the sun still shines, for now! Enjoy!

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  1. You take some beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing!