Sunday, June 26, 2011

Impatient and Hungry

I am not convinced that people were ever able to survive by growing/hunting their own food. Earlier this spring (a month, month and a half ago? Before May 23...) We started a garden:
I wrote that in caps because I will not be a garden blogger. I read them, for informative reasons, and they have helped, but I am essentially winging this thing and it is only by luck that today, this is what my veggie-patch looks like:

Problem is, I don't want to eat the flowers. Why are the damn veggies (and/or fruits, there are tomatoes, peppers, squashes, etc. I don't know if you are a cook or a botanist...) taking so long to "fruit?" I am tired of going grocery shopping....
As for the hunting...this urban area gives me few options:
But I am pretty resourceful:


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  1. My garden is actually exploding with veggies atm. Anybody want a tub full of cherry tomatoes?
    I guess hunting/gathering was easier when humans lived in more tropical climates like Mesopotamia.